Allergy information

We understand the importance of knowing exactly what is in your meal and how it is cooked if you suffer from an allergy.

If you, or someone you are ordering for, suffer from an allergy we strongly advise you to contact us before placing your order to ask what Allergens are being used in your meal and about how it is cooked.

Can Kukd check for allergens with your restaurant/takeaway for me?

Kukd does not cook your food for you, so do not want to risk your health by passing on 2nd hand information. It is best to contact us and speak to our chef/manager yourself to ask exactly what is going into your food.

Dont the menus have all the allergen information online anyway?

The problem with menus being online is that if we change our ingredients, there is the possibility of the online menu allergen information being out of date. This is why we always recommend you check with our chef/manager directly yourself.

How do I know that the allergen information on Kukd is correct?

Our restaurant/takeaway provides an up-to-date menu when we sign up for the Kukd service. We then make sure the information in the online menu matches our menu that you receive through your door. Kukd always double check all the information with us before allowing the menu to go live. However, the ingredients cannot be guaranteed as we may change these at short notice. This is why we recommend you check with our chef/manager directly yourself.

How does Kukd make sure our restaurant complies with the law?

Kukd works closely with our restaurant/takeaway and is in frequent contact, as well as with food authorities, to help our restaurant/takeaway stay aware of obligations and to provide the best customer service possible regarding allergens.

Kukd is a food business, so aren‘t they required by law to provide all information about allergens?

Kukd does their best to provide as much information as they can in online menus, however, the law applies to our restaurant/takeaway because we are a business independent of Kukd. We make your food on our premises.